Over the last four years, I have become a leader in the Phoenix Dance Community. After graduating from Arizona State University with an MFA in Dance and Interdisciplinary Media and Performance, I made a decision to stay in Phoenix and work towards building more opportunities for artists, especially in the field of dance.  My first step was to reach out to local news outlets and ask them to write more reviews of dance in Phoenix, but was met with resistance, so instead I started The Phoenix Dance Observer where I wrote my own reviews of dance. Since then, the Phoenix Dance Observer has evolved into the leading space where reviews are written through a critical lens from the perspectives of over 15 members of the dance community. I have also had my reviews and writing about dance published in  JAVA Magazine, Arts Beacon, and won a Journalist Excellence Award for her reviews in the Downtown Devil Curtain Critic.


In 2014 I co-founded [nueBOX], a residency program that supports artists creating experimental, collaborative, and research-based work in Arizona. The organization was founded on the importance of discussing the artistic process, and providing opportunities for artists to develop quality work in Phoenix.  In 2017 I became a Permanent Artist In Residence at [nueBOX], and receives support from the organization for my artistic endeavors in exchange for my administrative work as the Research and Development Director.


As an artist, and a scholar with an MFA in digital media, cross-disciplinary collaboration is at the crux of all that I do. My most well known interdisciplinary works are “Trying to Remain Vertical” (2016), “a/lign55” (2015), “Deterministic Probabilistic Neural Network” (2014), “Vertigo” (2013), “Genesis” (2013), and “Separation: Short Range Repulsion” (2012). These projects have been showcased at festivals such as Art in Odd Places in Orlando, FL, Slingshot Festival in Athens, GA, Emerge Festival in Phoenix, AZ, and Spark! Festival in Mesa, AZ.


I have had my research on movement and technology and Embodied Flow published  in the ACM Digital Library, and have presented my research at the International Workshop on Movement and Computing, Dance Under Construction, and the International Conference for New Interfaces for Musical Expression.  I have also conducted workshops on multidisciplinary improvisation for performance during the International Symposium on Electronic Arts in collaboration with John Mitchell.


I currently teach dance related courses, develop dance curriculum, and choreograph work performed by the students at Estrella Mountain Community College and Grand Canyon University. I create work and perform on a project-to-project basis, and have performed with D&Spair, an interdisciplinary improvisation group in the Phoenix area, and worked with free jazz group, Datura in performances and workshops. I have also worked as a freelance performer with Eileen Standley, Jessica Rajko, Liliana Gomez, Jordan Daniels Dance, and Rachel Bowditch.

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