My brother experiences a series of visits to rehab, prison, and near death scares due to drug addiction before it took his life in 2015. I saw him feel frustration by a society that kept down the downtrodden, a world where people can make the invisible unheard, and a world that didn't accept the life you wanted to live. In the midst of whatever inner and external frustration he was experiencing, he always treated every living thing he met with kindness and love. His random acts of kindness never ceased to exist. When he had no money of his own and encountered a young girl kicked out of her home, he scrounged the sidewalks for quarters to get her chicken nuggets, when a kitten was covered in gnats on the sidewalk, he cleaned it and nursed it back to health. In the spirit of Steven Akerly, alongside students at Grand Canyon University, we thought about what it might feel like to experience rock bottom, and what it means to be kind even during our most challenging moments.

This work was created for university dance ensemble students in 2016 and premiered during their winter faculty and guest artist concert.


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