Separation: Short Range Repulsion uses dance, reactive electronic noise, and visual elements to explore the dichotomous gradient between society's encouragement and rejection of social deviation.  Dancers improvise synchronized flocking behaviour on stage.  Because the dance is improvised, and there is no extablished leader, the dancers must continually examine each other for behavioural cues in order to maintain synchronicity.  A camera and computer vision software are used to analyze the flock's behavior, and measure its performance in real time.  This information is used to control electronic noises and projected graphics. 



Athens Slinshot Festival (2013) - Athens, GA


Choreographic Score: Julie Akerly and Dancers

Visual Design: Matthew Mosher

Sound Design: Michael Krzyzniak

Computer Vision: Muharrem Yildirim

Performers: Julie Akerly, Eleanor Hanafin, Denise Stein


​Funded by Arizona State University School of Arts, Media, and Engineering, School of Film, Dance, and Theater, and GPSA.


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