The most epic artist mixer of all time with over 60 artists will take place during Spark! After Dark on May 19 at Mesa Arts Center. Inspired by the worst song ever written by The Killers, JAMovement has curated an evening of jamming out, meeting strangers, and collaborative art-making. Artists from diverse mediums were paired up to create 60 second projects with complete strangers. The evening will also feature selected performances by Nicole Olson and Rembrandt Quiballo, Liliana Gomez and Rashaad Thomas, Michael Pfister, and JAMovement as well as interactive painting, video art,and installations by Jenny Gerena, Sharon McCaron, Keyaanna Pausch, Sydney Jackson and Kaleena Newman, and Eunique Yazzie!


About the Curator:

Julie Akerly is an advocate for dance in the Metro-Phoenix area. In 2014 she began the Phoenix Dance Observe and co-founded [nueBOX], a residency program that supports local artists. She has experience curating interdisciplinary arts events and has worked on producing events such as Sizzle Series with Rhetorical Galleries, and other events with Trunk Space, Oh My Ears, and Four Chambers Press. She started Experimental Art Night & was a curator for [nueBOX] during the Spark! Festival of Creativity in 2017. During Spark! After Dark, Julie will continue to create an evening that represents multiple artistic mediums in a relaxed and social atmosphere! 




Zoetic means of or pertaining to life. The life of the party, the loneliness that follows, the rememberance of the lives we have lived, the loves we have formed and the love we have lost. This work is a reflection on love and time and is inspired by the work of Brazilian Artist, Valeska Soares. 

Keyaana Pausch

Datamosh Dancer

An interactive media playback system that features original datamoshed videos (pixel art) using an Xbox Kinect sensor and MAX coding. You simply dance or move towards the display to control the video duration of a datamosh dancer.

Eunique Yazzie

Reflections in a Box

Eunique Yazzie will be painting a large box illuminated with colors, lights, and movement. She will create an interactive piece for people to be able to walk in a see, hear and feel. 

Rashaad Thomas & Liliana Gomez

Are we humans? (or) Are we d(answers)?

What are we, humans or are we dancers? To be human is to be a dancer. To be a dancer is to be human. There is no need to choose a side on the binary continuum. Both are the d(answer) as one, Nirvana/ Samadhi.

Nicole L Olson & Rebrandt Quibalo


As we usher in the new millennium, media culture continues to be the prevailing arbiter of our social and political life. Images proliferated by mass mediums such as television, film and the Internet influence our perception of the world and profoundly touch our deepest values. Mass media now provides the communal symbols and stories that constitute our social environment. This multi-medium piece, using film and dance performance, will be addressing the distorted objectification of women in our society through the use of mass media.

Kaleena Newman & Sydney Jackson

Live Chalk Art & an excerpt from "The Third Artist"

Working with SPARK attendees, we will be creating chalk art based on outlines of human movement shapes. They will also show a short excerpt from their upcoming work The Third Artist, which explores what happens when two interdisciplinary artists combine forces to create art greater than each of them.

Sharon McCaman

Can you see my voice?

Can you see my voice? Is an interactive installation that uses the participants voice to activate the visuals that are being projected onto the surrounding tulle.

Klee Collective

Torn in Two...Seeking to be Whole

Klee, an experimental jazz group will be performing original improvisatory music with three movement artists searching for the point where movement and music negotiate what it means to be simultaneously independant/dependant beings. The aim of our project is to ask the question what is the line between chaos and order? The point where we as artists are able to break away from the cognitive demands of creation and embody intuition.

Jenny Gerena

60 sec visuals

A visual collection of 60 second video clips

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Bobby Brown, Susan-Norton-Scott & Allyson Yoder
Casey Farina

Elisa Cavallero & Coley Curry
Chelsea Rose Neiss & Mario Yniguez

Shannon Phillips & Danae Barnes

Bryn Corbett & Sukie Keita

Angelica Lara & Bobby Brown

Molly W. Schenck & Katharine Leigh Simpson

Ben Soto & Kayla Tomooka

Crystal Cruz, Shannon Schumann, Morgan Moondust & Benjamin Soto

Angelica Lara, Brandon Trieu & Miriam Baker

Allyson Yoder & Justin Stewart

Lauren Luliano & Miriam Baker

Angelica Lara & Candy Jimenez

Gretchen Bickert & Jaime Glasser

Therosia Reynolds & Kayla Tomooka

Dinner for Breakfast

Geoff Gildner & Shannon Phillips

Stephanie Shumway & Merle Harlan

Miguel Pedraza & Justin Stewart

Michelle Marji & Mohammad Alzubairi

Ada McCartney & Dori Honovi

Cody Pickens

Lacee Garcia

Jasmine Nunn

Jordan Daniels

Daniel Feinberg

Lawrence Fung