Stramonium is collaboration between JAMovement and the band, Datura.  It is a performance consisting of dance, an analog image processor, two computers, sonic sculptures, and woodwinds.  The work is inspired by notions of perception, reality, and truth at the convergence of the digital, analog and organic worlds.  In this work, analog and digital instruments, processes, and movement, co-mingle in an integrated system - a system that occasionally lashes out at itsef, but ultimately seeks equilibrium. 


Musicians: John Mitchell, Anthony Obr, Joe-Willie Smith

Video Artist: Chris Ziegler

Choreographer: Julie Akerly and Performers

Performers: Julie Akerly, Angel Crissman, Eleanor Hanafin, Shelby Keefe


Premiere: "Known Unknown" at Arizona State University (2014)

© 2014 by JAMovement