This is me, Trying to remain vertical


This project is an interactive performance installation based off of Steve Paxton’s “Small Dance.” Paxton is respected as a movement analyst in the world of dance. The small dance can appear very simple, but it is incredibly complex. It exposes the body’s constant effort to keep us remaining in a vertical position while standing. Joerg Hassaman, a contact improviser, describes the small dance as “...a dynamic process. It is continuously losing balance into tiny falls until the body reflexes direct the falls into the next moment of balanced alignment.” This installation draws awareness to the natural reflexes that occur in the body while standing.  Users and viewers will experience  the subtle movements made by the body while standing “still” through sound and light feedback.

Julie Akerly

Matthew Mosher

This project was funded by the Art in Odd Places Orlando Festival, SMOCA Mix at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and Mesa Spark! Festival of Creativity