In a state of Vertigo, the internal perception of movement differs from the external perception of the experience the dancers in Vertigo attempt to separate the mind and body by ignoring stimuli perceivedd through their senses or by attempting to eliminate habitiual patterns, inhibition, and the sensation of passing time from their awareness.  Throughout the piece, the performers will wrestle with a struggle between perception an reality.  


​The original choreographic and interactive sound score skews the content of consciousness, eliminates our linear perception of time, and transforms the space into a responsive environment.  The use of interactive media and sensing systems allows the performing body to transport their surrounding environment into their perception of the experience.



Emerging Artists at the Digital Culture Gallery (2013) - Tempe, AZ


Director & Visual Designer: Julie Akerly

Movement: Julie Akerly and Performers

Composer: Michael Krzyzaniak

Performers: Brent Brimhall, See Cha, Angel Crissman, Eleanor Hanafin, Denise Stein


Funding by Arizona State University Schools of Arts, Media, and Engineering and Film, Dance, and Theater



© 2014 by JAMovement

Photo by Haley Brunetto